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Vertmax Pigment

Vertmax was introduced in 2014 and is an exceptionally high loading of copper phthalocyanine plus a sticker. It contains no fertilizer.  It is already widely used by many of Australia's most forward thinking turf managers.


Consequently it is unique in the Australian marketplace as it is resistant to going back into solution once dried, meaning no staining of clothes etc which can be a big issue with other pigments especially following heavy dews etc. Also due to its high loading it can be used at low rates of application down to 300ml/Ha up to 1.5L/Ha depending on the result required.​The results below were achieved at 800ml/Ha (top) and 1.2L/Ha bottom.

Please feel free to click on the link for a presentation which includes trial work Here

Click Here for a free Guide to using turf pigments/colourants

Vertmax Duo with QDT

Vertmax Duo with QDT is a standalone turf specific
product to boost turf health.


This offers exceptional tank mix compatibility and
economic sense. Extensive field and lab trials have been carried out in the development of this product. In germination trials use of Vertmax Duo™ with QDT™  (Quick Dry Technology) showed significantly faster germination and growth compared to standard practices.

Temperature stress testing has been carried out on perennial ryegrass turf up to 42C with exceptional results with turf exhibiting more rapid recovery and greater root growth following application. 

In trials against the current market leader Vertmax Duo (Treatment 6) and in a tank mix with fosetyl aluminium (Treatment 10) gave significantly higher turf quality readings as shown graphically below. Treatment 14 was the untreated control

Vertmax Duo trial vs Stressgard.jpg
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