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Research (examples)

As sports turf consultants we are constantly striving to innovate and develop new products for the marketplace. With over 34 years experience in the turf industry both here and in Europe we work closely with turf managers and have helped develop products for the following companies

Tradecorp, Spain

Agripower, Australia

Nalco, Australia

and of course introduced the following into the Australian marketplace but only after vigorous product field testing (with plenty more to follow)

Surfactant Trials 2108/2019



















Research into turf quality and soil moisture levels after usage of soil wetting agents on a mixes Poa/Agrostis green

Just how much more targeted are localised weather stations vs BOM data in regard to GDD  models?

Organic/biological inputs Trial

This was carried out over 2019/2010 examining the impact on organic and biological amendments on a mixed Poa annua/creeping bentgrass green

Turf pigments and their longevity

Vertmax was trialled on a Poa Anna/agrostis green to examine its longevity

Vertmax Duo Turf pigment vs competitors

Vertmax was trialled on a Poa Anna/agrostis green to examine its performance

Granular silica Trials

This was carried out at ANZ Stadium to examine the longevity of granular applications on turf. The results were interesting showing a significant increase in Plant Available Silicon and Potassium levels in the soil and the plant tissue. ​

Liquid silica Trials

This was carried out at Bonnie Doon G.C to examine the impact of liquid silica applications on green speed. The results were interesting with a significant increase in greens speed 10 days after application at the 7.5L rate.

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