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This policy forms part of Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd approach to delivering on the company’s sustainability initiatives. The policy is provided to assist employees, suppliers and contractors to understand their responsibility to help deliver continuous improvements in Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd’ sustainability performance and to provide information to other stakeholders, as relevant.



This Policy applies to all Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd employees. This Group policy supersedes in its entirety all previous sustainability and environmental related policies.


Definition of Sustainability

Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd takes a broad and long-term view of sustainability through informed and balanced decision making processes, considering our sustainability objectives. This ranges from setting business strategies to delivering its daily work activities. Being sustainable influences how Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd:

• Plans and delivers products and services

• Employs people and manages their well being

• Purchases goods and services

• Engages with local communities

• Manages our environment.



Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd’ sustainability goal is to provide a safe workplace for staff, embrace workforce diversity, embed sustainable work practices as we deliver business outcomes for clients, foster strong relationships with suppliers and local communities and deliver superior shareholder returns. Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd is committed to continuously improving its sustainability performance and complying with its legal and other obligations.


Our Approach

Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd will implement its sustainability goals through its sustainability Program, which comprises the following core elements:

• Safety First

• People

• Sustainable Environment

• Sustainable Sourcing

• Community

• Corporate Governance.

For each core element, aims; scope; key performance indicators; and initiatives will be identified and implemented by Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd, consistent with this Group policy. Group Business Development and Marketing are responsible for co-ordinating the Sustainability at Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd Program and ensuring its implementation, consistent with this Group policy.


Core Element


Safety First

Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd is committed to protecting the safety, health and wellbeing of our workers, customers, contractors and visitors. We believe all injuries and incidents are preventable and our vision is `to achieve zero harm in the workplace’ through implementation of programs and initiatives such as Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd’ five core safety beliefs.


Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd is committed to offering employment opportunities to people from all walks of life. Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd’ employment policies and management practices support our customer needs and at the same time align with an inclusive workplace culture. Our employment practices will address: gender diversity; indigenous employment; being an employer of choice; supporting persons with disabilities to undertake meaningful work; and to provide relevant learning and development opportunities for our people.

Sustainable Environment

Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd is committed to the prevention of pollution; compliance with our environmental regulatory and other obligations; and continuous improvement in our environmental performance. These commitments are achieved through implementation of Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd’ Environmental Management System (EMS) throughout our business.

Sustainable Sourcing

Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd is committed to informed and balanced procurement decision making processes that minimise the impact of our operations on the environment, support local communities, deal fairly and responsibly with our suppliers and value our people and customers.


Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd is committed to positively contributing to the markets and communities in which we operate through the support of selected client and regional community and industry programs which are aligned to our broader business objectives.

Corporate Governance

Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd’ is committed to sustainable improvement in its business performance and provision of shareholder value within an appropriate environment of corporate governance to ensure the responsible management and conduct of Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd within the communities in which we operate, including respect of human rights.

Consequences for Non-Compliance or Breaches

Breaches of the Sustainability Policy will be investigated which could result in disciplinary action being taken which may lead to termination of employment or contract.

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