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Update.....Despite Covid19's best efforts we are happy to announce that the first set of SeeGrow LED14 units gas arrived at one of Australia's major sporting venues and the results are already pretty impressive. Hopefully other turf managers will see the benefits that these offer to maintaining quality surfaces in stressful conditions.


The location suffers from massive shade issues over winter but the patented LED14 design incorporating turf specific LED lights, a CO2 canopy and an inbuilt irrigation/misting system and heater has been able to give startling results.

Image 1 (Top) shows juvenile seed growth after 24 hours.

Image 2 (2nd from top) shows growth after 48 hours in a heavily used goalmouth area.


No doubt as we tweak and play around with the variable spectrum we will be able to really see what these units can do.


Sports turf consultants, Gilba Solutions are happy to have been appointed the Australasian agent for SeeGrow light system ( These can be used on golf courses and sports grounds and have sizes from 5, 10, 30, 60 and 120m2 capable of treating up to 240m2 at a running cost of 80% less than alternative HPS systems.


The existing CO2 levels in normal outside atmospheric air is approximately 350ppm.

When grow lights are used to extend the growing time of grass the existing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are used very quickly.

Grow lights will make a difference but this extended growth will stop quickly when the CO2 is used up.

The light energy, whichever the source is (HPS) high pressure sodium lights or LED, is wasted.

The SeeGrow system provides the grass with a increased level of CO2 maintained between 1000-1500ppm constantly and provides the benefit of light and a controlled environment compared to the exterior.

This all means a superior, cost effective solution that works with growth rates of up to 10mm in 24 hours.

The Benefits

  • All year round natural pitch.

  • Significant cost savings against any effective stadium grow lighting system currently in use.

  • The system allows the pitch to recover very quickly.

  • Promotes the club/venue therefore happier players, sponsors and visitors.

  • A level well grown, dense pitch will help prevent injuries.

  • Speed of growth -10mm per 24 hours.

  • The system is portable and can be transported to training grounds or other areas if required.

  • Can be used to grow out pitch advertising logos rather than damaging by using pressure washing.

  • Can eliminate light pollution by having blackout PVC instead of clear.

  • Has an inbuilt irrigation systen to allow watering if when they are in use.

This system is currently being used at the following venues

  • Aviva Stadium

  • Wembley Arena

  • Millennium Stadium

  • Manchester City

  • Millennium Stadium

  • AS Saint Etienne

  • Werder Bremen

  • QPR

  • Arsenal FC

  • Swansea City

  • Juventus

  • Singapore Stadium





A mobile all season patented growing system.

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