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Seed Blends

As sports turf consultants working closely turf managers is a core pillar of our business. Whether you are after rapid establishment, dark green colour, high wear tolerance, exceptional recovery, salt tolerance or disease resistance we have tried to source the best cultivars available to meet these requirements. By taking our customer requirements we are then able to better blend and meet their needs using suitable cultivars.

All our blends contain certified seed and we don’t dilute down the quality with lesser varieties to keep the cost down.

We carry standard two and three way blends and can custom
blend to meet your exact requirements.

As you can imagine varietal selection can play a major role in
how successful (or not) and seeding work can be. Thats why
all the cultivars we select offer a benefit when incorporated
into a blend.

Where possible we aim to use the most modern trial proven
genetics and currently 90% of the ryegrass cultivars we use
in our blends were trialled in the most recent NTEP trials in
2011-2014. We are fully aware that things constantly evolve
and relying on dated genetics only means that you, our
customer, are missing out on the benefits of newer varieties.


A good example of this relates to the potential damage
caused when spraying Nominee. There can be a dramatic
difference in the degree of damage that occurs when this is
sprayed on certain ryegrass cultivars. 

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