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The spread sheet below is only applicable to Mehlich 3 test results and at this stage this spread sheet is only valid for bentgrass with the pH aimed at being between 5.5-8.5.

The spreadsheet is based on work carried out Micah Woods, Ph.D.; Larry Stowell, Ph.D.; and Wendy Gelernter, Ph.D. in relation to minimum levels for sustainable nutrition (MLSN) as an alternative to conventional soil nutrient guidelines. The aim is to apply the right amount of fertilizer – just what the grass requires.

Advantages of this approach

1. Best grass possible
2. Just what is needed
3. Save money
4. Avoid applying products that are not needed
5. Reduce environmental impact
6. Increase sustainability

To use simply fill in the table below with your soil test results and the amount of N to be applied per year. Negative readings mean no further applications are required.

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